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Shuffleboards -- FAQ

What is the maximum size table that I can fit in my home or business?

Most players will prefer to have at least 2 feet on either side of the table. This allows for at least one player on each side to comfortably glide the puck across the playfield and switch with their opponent. For home use there are several sizes from 9’ up to 22’. We show different sizes in our showroom and can help you decide which is best for you.

Why are some Shuffleboard tables much more expensive than others?

Surface finish styles, manufacturing locations, quality of materials, and design attributes can all be factors that reflect the price of a table. The playfields are extremely important in shuffleboards. If the wood is not properly cured, sealer, and joined the board will not last. It has been our experience that playfields not made in the USA are not cured properly and will have a tendency to twist making it impossible to keep the table level.

What finish options are available for shuffleboards?

There are many ways to customize your table to complement your room. Many of the tables are available in either oak or maple with approximately 10 stock finishes to choose from. Custom finishes are available if any of the stock finishes aren’t quite the color you had in mind.

What is involved for my shuffleboard installation?

Installing larger shuffleboard tables can be somewhat labor intensive. The main effort comes from the manpower needed to lift the shuffleboard playing field onto the cradle. For instance, a 22 foot tournament size shuffleboard table can weigh a few hundred pounds and can require as many as 4 individuals for safe installation. Generally shuffleboard cabinets are brought into the home assembled and leveled. Next the playfield is installed and an extensive leveling process is completed by our trained installers to ensure proper play. Finally, the board is prepped with silicone, waxed, and ready for play.


What about shuffleboard maintenance?

Modern production methods, and particularly the adoption of durable polymer surfaces, mean that shuffleboard tables are now built to last a lifetime. However, some minor maintenance is still required. Cleaning and glazing your shuffleboard table is recommended every few months, it prevents a build-up of old wax or silicone spray. Using a silicone shuffleboard spray will keep the surface slick, and will cut down on the amount of wax you need to apply.


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