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Outdoor Kitchen & Islands -- FAQ

Q: What advantages does this product have over an outdoor kitchen that is built "on-site"?

A: A factory environment allows for a better control of quality, no weather delays, lower cost, no mess left in the yard, etc. 


Q: Is it possible to modify a "standard kitchen" to better suit our needs?

A: No. The "standard category" kitchens are pre-designed and no changes are offered, with the exception of the finishes and the designated available upgrades.  This allows us to offer the customer such incredibly low prices.


Q: What if we already have a particular design (or picture) of the outdoor kitchen that we would like?

A: This is the perfect scenario. We are able to translate your ideas into a 3 dimensional drawing and show you the exact finished product.  You can see your ideas come to life and your dream kitchen will arrive exactly as you had envisioned.


Q: What work needs completed once the kitchen is installed?

A: All kitchens arrive 100% complete.  Only final utility connections are required upon installation (gas, electric, drains, water). 


Q: If I already have a grill, can it be incorporated into the kitchen?

A: Absolutely.  It is not uncommon to use an existing grill for custom projects.


Q: What type of surface is required for installing an outdoor kitchen?

A: Kitchens can be placed o nmost any flat surface, other than grass (deck, pavers, concrete, etc.)


Q: What type of maintenance is needed for an outdoor kitchen:

A: Generally speaking, the maintenance is very low.  The kitchen should be kept clean and free of debris and the countertop (tile, granite, stone, etc.) should be sealed once a year with the appropriate sealer.


Q: How does weather affect the kitchen and should it be kept covered?

A: All products are manufactured with the highest quality, outdoor rated materials.  However, it is recommended that the kitchen be covered during long periods of non-use, as well as during the winter months.


Q: If I should decide to relocate, is it possible to take the outdoor kitchen to a new location?

A: Yes.  This is a huge advantage over kitchens that are permanently built "on-site".  Not only can it be moved to a new home, but it can also be moved to a different location at your current home, if you later decide to expand your outdoor living space.


Q: If there is already a particular finish on the home, can the same material be used on the outdoor kitchen?

A: Yes, with the exception of the "standard" kitchen line.  Otherwise, as long as the product can be identified and available, we would be happy to incorporate the same material into your outdoor kitchen.


Q: What if we have a problem with out outdoor kitchen?

A: Call your dealer .... all your questions and concerns will be handled quickly and accurately.  If further assistance is required, your dealer will work directly with the manufacturer to resolve all issues.  Unlike many builders and handymen, we are an established company of many years and will be here for many years to come.



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