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Firepits -- FAQ

Q: Can a fire pit be placed in a sun room or on an enclosed deck?

A: No. The fire pit appliance is rated for outdoor use only.  They cannot be in an enclosed space.


Q: Are the fire pits available in various heights?

A: Yes. The standard fire pits are available in 28" or 30" high, depending upon the particular model.  However, if you require a specific height, we can easily create your preferred fire pit height.


Q: What type of flooring surface is required for installing a fire pit?

A: Fire pits can be placed on most any flat surface, other than grass (deck, pavers, concrete, etc.)


Q: What type of maintenance is needed for a fire pit?

A: Generally speaking, the maintenance is very low.  The fire pit should be kept clean and free of debris and the countertop (tile, granite, stone, etc.) should be sealed once a year with the appropriate sealer.


Q: How does weather affect the fire pit, and should it be kept covered?

A: All products are manufactured with the highest quality, outdoor rated materials.  However, it is recommended that the fire pit be covered during long periods of non-use, as well as during the winter months.


Q: Are fire pits available in Natural Gas or Propane?

A: Yes.  Not only can a fire pit be fueled by Natural Gas or Propane, but they can also be designed as wood burning.  However, wood burning fire pits must be placed on a non-combustible surface and are subject to local zoning laws.


Q: How long will the fire pit operate on a 20-pound bottle of propane?

A: The amount of operating time will vary based on the settings of the flame height, but on average, a fire pit will operate 4-6 hours on the high setting.


Q: How many colors of glass are available for the fire pit?

A: All fire pits come standard with the "white pearl" color fire glass, but there are many additional colors to choose from as an upgrade option.


Q: Can the gas fire pit be used to roast hot dogs and marshmallows?

A: We recommend not to cook over a gas fire pit.  If food was to fall into the glass, it is possible that some of the burner holes could become blocked, and eventually the glass will become very dirty and need replaced.


Q: Will water collect on the inside of the fire pit burner?

A: No. The fire pit appliances are designed to let water pass directly through the burner.  The wood burning fire pits have a drain hole in the bottom as well, and will not collect water.



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