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Pergolas - FAQ

Q: What type of material is used for the pergolas?

A: The standard material is Western Red Cedar.  However, pressure treated pine is also available.


Q: Can the wood be finished with paint or stain?

A: Yes.  Paint, stain, or a clear sealer can be applied to the pergola.  We recommend it is done at the factory so this task is avoided after it is installed.  It is not recommended to add any finish coat to pressure treated pine until it has fully dried.  This can take several months.


Q: What type of ground surface is required for a pergola?

A: Pergolas can be installed on decks, pavers, concrete, and even in grass.


Q: How is the pergola anchored to the ground?

A: Based upon the survace that it is installed, the appropriate fastening system will be used.  Most pergolas are anchored simply by a 5/8" anchor bolt that is fastened in the floor.


Q: What type of maintenance is required for a pergola?

A: Depending upon the desired look, the pergola can be zero maintenance and will "weather" over time.  If you want to keep a "luster" to the pergola, then it will be necessary to add paint, sealer, or stain as needed.  This can vary from every 2-5 years.


Q: Can the pergola be attached to the house?

A: Yes.  We offer both "attached" and "free standing" pergolas based on the customer needs and requirements.


Q: Can a pergola be designed so that the columns match existing columns that are already on the house?

A: Yes.  There is a very wide variety of both shape and sizes of columns.  We can match most any existing column.


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