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Fireplaces -- FAQ

Q: How will the fireplace be placed in it's location?

A: A variety of methods are possible.  Crane or forklift is the most common method.


Q: Can this be used as a gas or wood burning fireplace?

A: Yes.  Although it is designed as a "wood burning" fireplace, many customers choose gas log sets.


Q: Is it possible to install a gas log lighter in the fireplace?

A: Yes.  A log lighter can be installed, along with a key valve for safe, easy operation.


Q: How heavy is a fireplace that has a full stone finish?

A: Generally speaking, fireplaces can start at 1,000 pounds and range up to a few thousand pounds.


Q: What type of ground surface is required upon which to sit a fireplace?

A: Many of the smaller fireplaces can sit on a 4" thick pad.  If a new pad is being poured for the fireplace, then we would recommend a minimum thickness of 6".


Q: Can the fireplace be positioned next to the house?

A: The standard rule of thumb for positioning a fireplace is that the centerline of the top of the chimney be at least 10 feet away from / or 3 feet above any combustibles.


Q: What maintenance is required for a fireplace?

A: As with any fireplace, the chimney should be frequently inspected and kept clean.

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