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We are proud to show the full line of Saber grills.  Saber features a revolutionary way of grilling with infrared cooking.  All infrared grills are not the same and Saber has a paten pending grilling system that you need to see.  Eliminates flare ups, keeps meat tender and moist, and is very easy to clean and maintain.  Click here for more information.


Pizza Ovens

More information to come!

We're Cooking ......at Decked Out Side

All guys think they are King of the outdoor barbecue, right? Whether it be steaks, burgers, brats, or smoked meats that is your specialty, join us for some fun and education as our own resident outdoor chef wanna-be stumbles through some hopefully delicious dishes.


If you would like to be involved (and you don’t have to be a guy, the gals cook outside too) in the cooking, let us know and we will send you that week’s menu. Then, the chef will contact you to let you know when to come by the store to watch/assist and get in on all of the fun!


Some of delectable dishes planned for the season include:


Smoked Salmon. One of the easiest and most delicious items to do on your new Saffire Smoker!


Ruth’s Chris style steaks. Thick, Juicy and Seared to perfection!


Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder. Lowww and slowww, see how to perfect your own technique for Injecting, Rubbing and Pulling this BBQ classic.


Pizza. Yep, Wood Fired Pizza! Can you think of anything that sounds much better?


Ribs. Baby Backs, Country Style, St. Louis or good old Spare. We can smell them now!!


Got a favorite or something you have always wanted to try? Let us know and maybe we can collaborate. Sign up and give us your thoughts now!!


Check out our Grillin' Videos ..... click here and see some helpful tips.

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